What’s new on Wealthlenial? 10/18/2018

Hey everyone. Just a quick blog post here. About a few updates for what’s new in the world of Wealthlenial

  • Amex Gold card/Home repair credit card hack follow up – All things seem to be progressing nicely. The balance has finally hit the account which should trigger the membership rewards bonus. Right now, I’m trying to decide which gift cards I want to purchase – here are some of them:


  • Rental #2 update – Rental 2 (the condo I purchased earlier this year) officially has a renter as of October. Things seem to be moving along nicely with the renter so far and I hope things continue that way. Also coming up – a post about the condo deal. From locating the condo, to purchase, rehab and finally renting. I think it’ll make a decent post. It will probably follow the same steps as my other article: MY FIRST RENTAL HOUSE – THE SAGA OF THE TOWNHOME


  • Revamped home page – This was yesterday’s project – updating Wealthlenial to have an official home page. Prior to this, the most recent blog post was the only item that was seen on the home page. Here is a snapshot of it:

  • New articles and reviews – As always, I’m trying to find new material to review and topics to cover. If anyone wants to read about something specific and it falls within the realm of personal finance, leave me a comment or reach out on the contact us page.


That’s all for now folks. Thank you again for reading!


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