Easy Money: Personal Capital’s Sign Up Bonus Could Net You $50 For Downloading A Free App

Easy Money: Personal Capital’s Sign Up Bonus Could Net You $50 For Downloading A Free App: Three months ago, I reviewed Personal Capital, talking about the previous promotion that they were offering and talking about the overall benefits to signing up and sharing the app with your friends. In case you want to check that out, here is the link to my post: PERSONAL CAPITAL’S NEW REFERRAL PROGRAM: $20 TO SHARE A FANTASTIC APP

If you’ve been reading the blog, you know that I am a huge Personal Capital fan. I have been using Personal Capital for just over 4 years at this point and the benefits keep on coming. 

All those things are still true. The app continues to remain awesome and most importantly free but it is the sign on bonus that just changed from “great” to “amazing”.

Keep reading to find out

Disclaimer: When I started writing this review, I went back to the Personal Capital site to verify that the $50 referral link was still there. Unfortunately, it only showed the $20 referral link! I thought I missed the boat on writing this post! Thankfully, I have saved the URL. If you want to get the $50 referral bonus (yes, that’s $50 just for signing up and linking an investment account) you can use my link hereGet $50 for making a Personal Capital Account.The other referral link on their main website will only give you $20.

How to get Personal Capital’s sign up bonus:

This promotion just seems to get better and better. Once you have the app, you can also share it with your friends. Not only do you get a bonus but so do your friends!

How do I sign up?

Signing up for Personal Capital pretty easy. Once you click the link, you’ll come to this screen. Just fill in the information and you’ll be guided to set up your account.

Easy Money: Personal Capital's Sign Up Bonus Could Net You $50 For Downloading A Free App

If you want to learn more about Personal Capital without clicking through to my previous article, here are some main points to consider:

Personal Capital – My Own Experience

Easy Money: Personal Capital's Sign Up Bonus Could Net You $50 For Downloading A Free App

I have been using Personal Capital myself for about 4 years at this point. It’s a great program for tracking your personal finances. Things like income, expenses, bills, debts, mortgages, investments, etc. All of those things. Tied into one interface so you can actively track your progress.

How Does Personal Capital Work?

I could spend a bunch of time trying to explain to you via text on how this fantastic program works but here is a YouTube video that would probably do a much better job explaining the features of this program:

Conclusion: Personal Capital’s Sign Up Bonus

If you haven’t tried Personal Capital, I would highly recommend it. It’s free to use and helps to organize your finances in a way that is automatic and fairly seamless. If you would like to check out Personal Capital, use the link below to get $50 for just signing up and linking a qualifying investment account:

Get $50 for making a Personal Capital Account 

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below.

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13 thoughts on “Easy Money: Personal Capital’s Sign Up Bonus Could Net You $50 For Downloading A Free App

  1. I love the idea of using personal capital. Thank you for this great idea of using such an amazing app to make financial planning easier.

    however, you could insert a youtube video in your wordpress website rather than posting a link to youtube. Posting a youtube video actually make it rank higher.

  2. Thank you, writer. I’ve come across something like this on several occasions which I’ve always had my doubts. But after reading this articulated review about it, I now really understand it. Because it surprises me that i could just earn 50$ for just signing up and download a APP. You can’t really blame me,though because I’ve read so many lies and hype on internet.

    But i fully now understands this after reading this nice write up

    Thank you so much for this, author

  3. I have just created a budgeting blog and looking to help people curb their financial problems just like how I’ve done with mine. There are a lot of apps nowadays that can benefit many people who have just graduated from college or trying to settle their mortgage. I am currently using one which I think is quite good, but what are your thoughts (based on your experience) about recommending several programs through a blog at the same time? 

    Does the merchant allows that and will it confused your readers? Thank you for your insights.

    1. Which app are you using? I like Personal Capital for the focus on tracking net worth and overall financial tracking. As for the last question – it’s not a merchant decision, I’m just really excited about this offer!

  4. Wow! The app sounds interesting, Dave! Not to talk of the financial benefits that comes with it referral program and signing up bonus. You have used Personal Capital for four years? That is superb, I am happy reading this article because you have loads of experience with using the app.I love the fact that the app can help in tracking one’s personal finances– ranging from income, debts, bills etc. With the recommendation coming from you, I will get on board.The amount they pay for referral and bonus sign up is high enough to motivate one into signing up with them.

    1. Having an app that automatically tracks your income and expense makes budgeting so much easier. Also it’s lots of fun setting goals for your net worth and meeting those goals. Just remember – if you aren’t tracking it, you aren’t improving it!

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  6. I hadn’t heard of Personal Capital until coming across this article. I’m certainly intrigued, but of course I have questions. First and main one being, how does Personal Capital earn revenue to make these $50 payouts? It seems like a great app that can help immensely with personal wealth management.

    Apologies for being a skeptic, but I’m always in the “if it sounds too good to be true…” camp.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I’ll definitely be looking more into it.


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