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What are we about here at Wealthlenial? We are a personal finance and lifestyle blog. We post about a variety of financial topics from real estate investing, fun financial hacks to recent accomplishments.

The blog categories are organized in the following ways:

  • Blog – The blog is about recent events Dave (the creator) or Steph (his wife) are doing to improve their own financial future. Typically, this is focused on the latest financial hack, investment or strategy. Sometimes they just create a post for fun.
  • Recommendations – “Recommendations” is a category focused on products or services we have reviewed, support and recommend to others to use. This could be anything from a physical product that provides large amounts of value to a online stock trading platform that is a good deal.
  • Saving money – This category is focused on showcasing certain financial hacks that the readers can use to start saving money. Saving money can be done in a variety of ways – from simply cutting down an expense to finding credit card bonuses that provide a powerful sign up bonus. This category is useful if you are trying to save towards a big goal (like buying a home).
  • Investing – The category of investing is very broad. On this site, there is a focus on real estate investing but the blog also touches on stock investing, mutual funds and using HSA accounts as investments. Like we stated previously, investing is a huge topic so naturally the blog topics will show that.
  • Real Estate – This portion of the blog is focused exclusively on real estate, specifically investing in real estate. From purchasing a rental property, finding renters and growing your portfolio – this is the place for you.
  • Side Hustles – These are all the fun ways to add additional income into your life. If you are someone who is not making what they need from your day job, consider reading over some of the material here for new ideas on how to make additional income.

Feel free to explore the site and hopefully it provides you with value!

Thanks for visiting. Enjoy!