How to make money with Uber using affiliate marketing

How to make money with Uber using affiliate marketing: Originally, I was going to post about a typical side hustle people pursue – driving for Lyft or Uber. While these can be fairly lucrative, there are considerable expenses that occur – gas, tolls, maintenance – and these eat into your profits. According to Time magazine the average Uber and Lyft driver makes $15.68 to 17.50 before expenses. Once those expenses are factored in – the net income comes out to less than minimum wage. However, that is for the average Uber/Lyft driver.

There are plenty of websites and videos that cover “How to make $1,000 a month using Uber!” etc, etc

Those other videos are nice but I really like how this guy breaks down the true costs of driving for Uber.

When it comes down to it, the best side hustle you could have is one that is making you money while you work – or even better, while you do nothing.

If you know anything about affiliate marketing, you’re probably intrigued by a title like: how to make money with Uber using affiliate marketing.

Let’s say you don’t even have a car. Uber must not even seem like a possibility, but it is! Maybe you own a website instead…

You can make money with Uber without even driving.

This topic caught my interest. Uber offers an affiliate marketing program that allows you to get paid for referring new drivers. Although most affiliate programs require some patience to go through, Uber’s program is pretty easy to start.

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How to make money with Uber using affiliate marketing:

How to make money with Uber using affiliate marketing - The Uber Affiliate Program

How do I sign up for this affiliate program?

Once you’re in the developer dashboard, go to settings and scroll down. To start, scroll to the bottom and click the box.

How to make money with Uber using affiliate marketing

How to get the affiliate link.

First you need to download the Uber app and create an account. Next, log on via computer (I’m using a desktop for this) and begin enter the Developer Dashboard. The goal here is to get an affiliate link to your site. Unfortunately Uber doesn’t make this super easy, you need to create it yourself.

Go down to the authentication tab and copy your client ID, it should be here the red text is on the image below:

How to make money with Uber using affiliate marketing

After you do that, locate the link Uber gives you and add your client ID after this link here:

Once you have this affiliate link, you will be able to put it on your site and receive the benefits of recommending Uber to people. To get started, Click here.

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How much do I make?

Uber will pay you $5 for every US based driver that you refer. While this doesn’t seem like a lot, if you have a website that draws considerable traffic, it could actually work out really well. Not to mention that this income would hypothetically be consistent, 24 hr/day.

Let’s have some fun here – why not both?

You may think of this as “one or the other” aka to drive for Uber or provide affiliate marketing for Uber, my real question to you is this:

How to make money with Uber using affiliate marketing - Why not both?

Think of it this way – any entrepreneur worth their salt would do both things that make them money. One is more passive (affiliate marketing) and the other active (driving for Uber). That would be the best hypothetical way to grow your profits!


I think this an interesting take on the usual Uber or Lyft side hustle idea. After all, there are many hidden costs to pursuing a career with Uber or Lyft. I suppose that is the price for having such a low bar to entry. I like the fact that there is a different alternative to the whole “driving for dollars” concept. How to make money with Uber using affiliate marketing highlights an alternative path for the Uber entrepreneur.

If this sounds like something you would like to look into, click here to get started!

Do you drive for Uber or Lyft? What has your experience been like? Let me know in the comments below!

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10 thoughts on “How to make money with Uber using affiliate marketing

  1. I haven’t heard about this either. I know about Uber but an app where you can make money by referring people? Okay, it may not sound like a lot of money but everything adds up. I’d like to check it out. Some money is better than no money. Thanks!

  2. This is great, I had no idea Uber has an affiliate program. I have been looking for ways to add some extra value to my website and this may be a great way to do just that. $5 per referral is not a whole lot, but it beats what Amazon pays on some of their products. Thanks for the heads up, I appreciate it.

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