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Embracing Simplicity: Life is complicated. As the timeline of life presses forward, increased complexity seems to follow. Where am I going with this? I am embarking on a new project that is more of an anti-project. Think of it more as the simplicity project.

I am someone who loves to take on new projects. This was something I was mulling this over as I was walking throughout our house this weekend. I have half started projects everywhere. New plumbing upgrades that need to be done. A trash picked door that I was going to use to fix our sun room’s door. Bags from Home Depot and Lowe’s filled with things I bought months ago and did nothing with. On and on.

I had finally had enough.

This morning I had decided to take the day off and reflect on these things. I have started to feel consumed by all of these projects and feeling stagnant is a hard position to be in. So, I decided to begin the “simplicity project”.

Starting towards simplicity

Embracing Simplicity

The first step for today was returning all the unused items and getting them out of my house and off my mind. It was also nice getting $100 for all the returns. I tore out the vegetable garden that we started, didn’t really maintain and let it grow out of control. My old computer that was sitting around collecting dust was broken down and the parts were listed on Craigslist. The tower was junk at this point and out it went. I could feel the strain from having all of these pending projects begin to dissipate.

The value of now vs. doing it later

How many times have you had a problem, tell a friend, they agree to help and then plans fall through? More times than I can count. This leads to projects getting passed to the wayside just to save a few dollars (if you can’t tackle them yourself).

I’m now trying to adopt a new mentality of just getting it done and moving on. Within reason, of course. My new example of this is a recent electrical issue that one of our circuit breakers developed on Saturday. I could mess with it. I could try to get one of my electrician friends to help in their spare time. But all of that takes… time. Instead, I called an electrician to let them handle it. Why? Part of embracing simplicity is valuing your time.

Controlling unrealistic expectations

Some people are epic procrastinators, like me. I thrive on self-imposed stress by putting myself in situations where I need to accomplish many things in a small-time frame. and it works. Until you burn yourself out. Spacing out the workload, delegating some responsibilities would be a logical approach – one that I’m going to have start embracing.

Final thoughts on Embracing Simplicity

Although today was a departure from the usual blog material, I think it’s important to reflect on how things are progressing. Work to make your life more simple and streamlined and put the kabash on an overly complicated/stressful life!

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8 thoughts on “Embracing Simplicity – Untangle Your Life

  1. Hi Dave, are you sure you weren’t looking at my house? This could have been written just for me, i am also a recovering procrastinator. I enjoyed reading your blog as, your recommendations towards simplicity made it all seem so logical. Thank you I am off to streamline my life now. Great article.
    Cheers Cass

  2. I totally agree that “doing now” can definitely contribute to a more simple life! I recently had a day where I did about 20 things that had been on my list of “to-dos”, and I just felt so much better afterwards.

  3. OMG, this is me! I’ve always put off doing things and sometimes things aren’t that hard to do yet I don’t get it done anyway.
    You’ve really got a great point here. Simplicity! Yes now that I look at the things I want to get done, I realize they aren’t that hard. I am adapting a new attitude in stop thinking about things and just do it!

    1. I think we all get caught up in the “most efficient, most cost effective” approach and it bogs us down. Some things just need to get knocked out. Like I said in the other comment, the electricians are here. They found the issue in like 15 minutes. And they fixed it. That saved me hours of stumbling around not knowing what the heck I was doing. Money well spent.

  4. Amen to simplicity! My daughter is OCD about getting these done now and my son-in-law is a huge procrastinator – he’s got projects from several years ago that still aren’t finished. Constant battle with those two. My motto is “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it” – ok there are some things you can’t wait on, but I don’t like to start something and just leave it, so I prioritize and do the little ones first instead of a lot of them at the same time. “Simplicity” I need a tshirt with that on it!

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