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Best Free Financial Hack: Hey everyone. This is just a small post for today. For some reason it all started with a conversation my coworkers were having today at work. One of my coworkers was discussing a new TV purchase he was considering. There was a new sale that had started on a perfect replacement for his broken television. He was excited about the purchase. I think for most people the conversation would end there: “Oh, he wants to buy a new TV. Okay, good for him.”

I think the problem goes deeper than that. The TV he is planning to purchase would make at least 3 that he has spoken about in his house. That would be fine and well if he could afford it, but he can’t. So just to summarize: Man wants new TV when he owns several other operational TVs. He has limited funds in which to purchase this new TV. From the sounds of it, he is struggling to get by financially as it is.

Let’s introduce the biggest, most free and amazing financial hack out there:

Best Free Financial Hack: Living within your means!

I had to say it. Situations like this one irk me too much not to say anything. How can someone that can barely scrape by every month spend their last $200 on something entirely unnecessary like a TV? I think the more annoying part is that it’s a TV for his bedroom.

In case you’re wondering if I’m being hypocritical, we have one TV in our house. It lives downstairs in the living room and sees rare to occasional use. That’s it. A TV in the bedroom defeats the purpose of the bedroom. The bedroom is there for sleeping.

The easiest way to save money

Marketing is everywhere. Every year or even season, there are new products coming out. These new items showcase how amazing they are compared to the previous version that you own (I’m envisioning the whole iPhone debacle). I think the real question is do you need the best item when your things work perfectly fine? The whole sensation of “new” goes away within a few months of purchase when your new item becomes obsolete. Chasing the high of “new” is a great way to the poor house.

Redundancy and duplication

Let’s circle back to my coworker. Does he really need 3 TVs?! Can’t he just move another working one to his bedroom and use that? It’s just more stuff to maintain. More stuff to replace. More clutter to deal with.


I think it depends on your goals and also how you were raised. I wasn’t raised in a wealthy household and neither was my wife. We enjoy getting by on what we have and having healthy savings for a rainy day. Life is short but also unpredictable. Rather than spend each paycheck unnecessarily, we would rather be safe/comfortable than keep up with the Joneses.

In the end it comes down to this:

Best Free Financial Hack

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One thought on “Best Free Financial Hack – Guaranteed

  1. Solid advice! I try to live within my means, but I think a lot of times the differences between wants and needs gets blurred. I know the one thing I cut was my cable bill. 

    Sure, you need internet, but all of those extra channels are not necessary.

    Another thing that I do is I started packing my lunch. Not only does it help your wallet, it helps your waistline.  I plan a healthy meal and stick to it!

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