Best Credit Card Reward Points Bonus I have ever used.

Best Credit Card Reward Points Bonus I have ever used.: Happy Friday everyone and thanks for stopping by. Today I’m going to talk about how I used my home renovation project to help my wife and I afford the holidays. How did I do this? Well that’s all part of the story. By using a card with one of the best credit card reward points.

Let’s start with setting the scene. My wife and I bought our house December 2017. It had plenty of issues and gremlins to sort through, so we figured that we would sort out the issues that involved being inside. Such as painting – which we did extensively. We took our downstairs which was five different, non-complementary colors and brought it into a single theme. Example:

Best Credit Card Reward Points Bonus I have ever used.

Finally, a color that isn’t stupid. Pardon the lacking vent and outlet cover.

Why I’m telling you all this is because we neglected to fix the outside of the house (remember – cold). This means we had some TLC to handle on the exterior of the house – mainly just missing/damaged siding.

Best Credit Card Reward Points Bonus I have ever used: American Express Gold Card

Conveniently, I received an offer for an American Express Gold card with a wonderful sign up bonus. This has some of the best credit card reward points I have seen. Take a look:

In case you missed it – THERE IS A 50,000 POINT SIGN UP BONUS FOR ONLY SPENDING $2000 IN THE FIRST 3 MONTHS. Sorry, I had to make it obvious. The site that I found this on claims that this is an $800 value which is absolutely crazy to me.

Beginning the project

The stage was set. It was now late summer/fall of 2018. I had just applied and received this card. It was time to call some roofing/siding contractors. After settling on one (which was a process), I agreed to the work which was more substantial than I had initially realized. From the estimate we needed:

  • Multiple siding patches
  • Wood replacement and capping of two windows and one door
  • Remove metal from rake boards, fur our (build out) and properly recap
  • Remove and install siding over old/rotted gable vent
  • Add a ridge vent to the roof (the previous roofer installed the wrong shingle and it was beginning to peel up)

More expensive than we thought…

So – much more than replace damaged siding. However, it all needed to get done. What was a $150 job became a $2600 job. Conveniently – this Gold card played perfectly into the plan.

I agree to the work, which the contractors did over 3 appointments. Although there were some miscommunications about the size and scope of the project initially (the guy who did the job was not too happy), the work was done for the price we agreed upon. Check it out:

Best Credit Card Reward Points Bonus I have ever used.

Once everything is paid for, I will meet the requirement of the sign on bonus. An interesting thing about the sign on bonus that I was reading about is that you can use the points for gift cards. Not that you want to use gift cards for everyone’s birthday but you can use them at a place of your choosing to by what you need.

Again, this card has one of the best credit card reward points I have seen. The $2,000 spend to get $500 in rewards is an amazing deal.

That is the plan this year, barring any interruptions or snaffoos. So there you have it – renovating your home and helping towards paying the holidays. Win-win.

Edit: Update as of 11/17/2018: Success!

Check out part 2 here:

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16 thoughts on “Best Credit Card Reward Points Bonus I have ever used.

  1. Nice. Renovations can be a little nerve wrecking and you have to spell out everything in your contract with your contractor. Though I haven’t gone through any renovations that required more than a little DIY on my part, I’ve heard some contractor horror stories. It looks great by the way.

  2. Thanks for the tip.
    This card would really have value for people living in the US. Unfortunately, I live in Thailand and don’t know if there is a great benefit for me.
    How much turn back did you get from renovating your home?

  3. This is a great idea!
    I should have thought about this before diving into renovations of our own! But instead of thinking about how I could make money work for me, i was too busy worrying about how to save as much as possible.
    100% I am going to look into this next time!


    1. Absolutely. I will try to post up more credit card reviews where the sign on bonuses are super powerful. Thank you for the feedback!

  4. Hi Dave!

    That’s not a bad way to go. You’ll have to update on how this credit card plays out and when you get your points.

    We ended up doing almost all the repairs ourselves on our house with the help of a friend who was also a handyman. That’s how we got around some of that stuff. It always felt like a financial juggling act with a mortgage and repairs on a house but it’s yours at the end of it all.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Most house things we can tackle on our own. But the work that needed to get done like the ridge vent and siding repair was just beyond my skill set. I save money on the other house repairs (appliances, paint, etc). This card seems very potent and I just paid the roofing bill today with it, so I will update as the points come in!

  5. Thank you for sharing this article, very helpful indeed 🙂

    Fixing up and sorting out all the little jobs can of course save on our energy bills by keeping out drafts and the cold weather, this obviously will cost funds to renovate but in the long run it will save you money.

    Have a great day and all the success, happiness and health that you deserve and desire. Take care.

    Kind regards.


  6. Wow! This is a such a win-win scenario. You get a beautiful, renovated house and you get $800.00 back. I like that the company is American Express Gold card, a name I know and trust. Thank you for this information, I am looking at buying some new appliances and this could work in the same way. Would love to hear how it all turns out so please post after you pay for it all and meet the requirements. Do they make you jump through a lot of hoops to get your bonus or is it painless and easy? Please keep us posted.

  7. Thank you for sharing this article, very helpful indeed and you home is looking lovely 🙂

    Definitely fixing up the little damages and wears and tears will have a great impact on your home by saving on energy bills, keeping out the cold drafts and making your home as cosy as possible without losing as much heat as possible, is a great way to save money. When it comes to winter, gas bills or whatever energy supply you use for your heating gets a whole lot more expensive, so keeping those bills down is is a great way to save money.

    Have a great day and all the health, happiness and success that you desire and deserve, take care.

    Kind regards.


    1. I didn’t even consider all of those variables. I just wanted to avoid any potential water damage and improve my cooling/heating by putting in a more efficient roof system. We will see if I save money in those other ways!

  8. Hi Dave
    Oh my goodness, what an amazing idea!
    We desperately need to landscape our backyard so I”m thinking we could apply this idea and still go on holiday at the end of next year. Thanks for the great article!

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