Meet Dave and Steph

Welcome to Wealthlenial. We created this site as a way to share our passion for all things financial and a way to help others by spreading financial knowledge to the online community.

Our background

Dave: I grew up in a household that could be described as “financially responsible” aka – we did not live beyond our means. I learned the evils of debt and the benefits of investing early, which has helped me as an adult.  After graduating with my master’s degree, I held considerable student loan debt.  Through frugality and hard work, I paid the loans off within three years of graduating.  I continue to maintain this frugal lifestyle which has allowed me to venture into real estate investing.

Steph: I grew up learning how to stretch a dollar from my mother and grandmother.  I was content with reusing items, doing things myself, and searching for the best deals.  When I finally graduated with my master’s degree and started my career, I continued to operate as the “poor grad student” in terms of my spending habits (e.g. not spending money on items I didn’t need).  I serve as the editor on Wealthlenial.

Our way of giving back.

We believe sharing what we know with those around us not only helps other people but can be a way to improve yourself as a person.  We both graduated in the midst of the Recession.  So, we have personally witnessed the struggles of many friends and peers.  10 years later, we still see our peers struggle with long term financial planning.  We want to let our generation know that it is possible to secure their financial future.

The goal of this site.

Our goal for this site is to share, educate and inspire those who read the site to improve their financial life and by extension – their personal life as well.

All the best and thank you for reading!

Dave and Steph

Founder and Editor of Wealthlenial