18 Ways to Save Money on Your Living Expenses

18 Ways to Save Money on Your Living Expenses: Why can’t most people get ahead? I will tell you. Fixed expenses. If you’re wondering what I am talking about, I will tell you. Here is the definition of a fixed expense as per The Balance:

“Fixed expenses cost the same amount each month. These bills cannot easily be changed and are usually paid on a regular basis, such as weekly, monthly, quarterly or from year to year.”

Examples of fixed expenses are:

  • Rent/Mortgage
  • Car payment
  • Car insurance
  • Cell phone bill
  • Cable bill
  • Home Owner’s Association (HOA) fee
  • Bank fees

1. Ways to save money on your living expenses: Cut down on your cable bill

Or cut it out entirely! Most people have a hate/hate relationship with cable providers. With continually increased fees, high monthly prices, and inconsistent service, we can see why. If you talk to the average person, they will say that they usually pay $100-300 per month for cable. This is a huge amount!

The tried and true tactic with the cable company is threatening to cancel everything. It seems to work fairly consistently, at least for me and those I have talked to. First, you tend to start with the average customer service representative. Once you begin to threaten canceling everything, you get bumped up to the next level of customer service: customer resolutions or something of the sort. Usually, most of the deal-making will be done there, and they usually try to keep you as a customer. Although this might be stressful for some, it is worth it because of how much money you will save per month.

When your contract comes up, ask to cut down or cut cable out entirely. Imagine what could you do with an additional $100-$300 per month!

2. Ways to save money on your living expenses: Trim down your cell phone bill

18 Ways to Save Money on Your Living Expenses

Who doesn’t have a cell phone these days? The question should really be – who has a landline these days? In my opinion, if you’re still paying to have a landline, it’s time to get rid of it. Unless there is an extended power outage/natural disaster – a cell phone will be just fine.

So, let’s chat about ways to lower your cell phone bill. Take a look at your monthly statement,t and see if there are services or features that you are not using consistently. Something like “unlimited data” seems really great, until you see the cost and realize that you’re only using 1 GB per month. The same logic applies to unlimited texting/calls, etc. Basically, just trim down your bill to your average usage, not what you think you use.

3. Ways to save money on your living expenses: Auto and Home Insurance

The next target is here: auto and home insurance. These are fixed expenses that most people need to have, So, getting rid of them entirely is not an option. If you are both a home and automobile owner, consider looking for a policy that ties both of them together. These policies are usually cheaper with the same coverage as before. Another easy win is paying yearly or bi-yearly. This usually gives you a decent savings amount as well.

4. Ways to save money on your living expenses: Work out for less or even free

18 Ways to Save Money on Your Living Expenses

Similar to my article: How to start working out at home – and save money! – if working out is an important part of your life, consider looking into other options to make it more affordable.

Although working out and going to the gym are great for you, they can get expensive. Some people pay $50-100+ per month just to go to the gym. Granted that the improvement on your health cannot be understated, what about aiming for a manageable bill? Start looking at what you actually use at the gym. If you are usually at the weights and maybe cardio but your expensive gym is offering a pool, classes, etc – why not find something that offers the things you use?

A list of other fixed expenses that you can tackle:

  • Finding cheaper childcare.
  • Reduce or remove organized child activities.
  • Cut down on buying extra clothing.
  • Reduce grooming expenses.
  • Cut down on unhealthy consumable habits like smoking and drinking alcohol.
  • Refinance high interest debt.
  • Transfer high interest credit card debt to a 0% interest card.
  • Install LED bulbs
  • Cancel club memberships.
  • Look for free entertainment.
  • Cancel newspaper and magazine subscriptions.
  • Pack your own lunch, and cook your own meals.
  • Buy non-perishable items in bulk.
  • Relocate to a cheaper area if possible.


Cutting down on your fixed expenses is a sure-fire way to start the process in getting ahead financially. It is much harder to work extra every week when you could get the same benefits by trimming down your expenses to what you actually use.

What other ways to save money would you add?

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3 thoughts on “18 Ways to Save Money on Your Living Expenses

  1. Hi Dave and Steph,
    Great site about how to save money on everyday bills.I suppose it is something we don’t always pay attention to as life gets in the way.With a little thought and effort it is possible to cut down on bills, your site helps to point us in the right direction.

  2. When you summarize it that way, those expenses add up fast. I don’t even think about them anymore because they are “necessities”. But are they really? A few cut expenses can sure make a difference over a year.

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